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DIY Body Scrubs For All

Your skin goes through a lot each day that it deserves some tender loving care. You don’t even have to go to great lengths to do it because simple skin care techniques can go a long way in bringing life back to your haggard appearance. A lot of ways to pamper your skin involves money but there are also many that are quite cheap and something people from all walks of life can afford. You don’t even have to do anything drastic to improve your appearance unless you have decided on pursuing cosmetic surgery and you actually have the cash to burn for such costly procedures. If not, feel free to explore the many other alternatives in improving the way you look and it is something you already may be doing now and then.

Let’s talk about body scrubs. Exfoliation is a great way to get rid of old skin cells to make way for the new and fresh-looking skin but you are not advised to do it daily since it can leave you with dry skin. Do it a few times each week (once will do for those with sensitive skin) to clear your pores from all the impurities it has accumulated for days and give you glowing and rejuvenated skin. You can even use natural ingredients found in your home, so there’s no need to spend money on buying commercial body scrubs to do the trick.

What comes to your mind when you think of pampering your skin which suffers due to the harsh sun’s rays or to get rid of the dullness caused by the dust particles blocking your skin pores or the heavy pollution that steals the glow away from your face? Beauty experts will tell you that exfoliation is the best way to remove dead cells, rejuvenate your skin and bring back your natural glow.

Another piece of good news is that you can do it easily by using homemade body scrubs made with natural ingredients. Due to the abrasive nature of the scrub, which is vigorously massaged onto your skin, all the impurities get drained out leaving it clear, polished and refreshed. A body scrub can also help in improving your blood circulation and is believed to fight cellulite.

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Body scrubs are natural abrasives, so they remove any imperfections like blemishes and cellulite and even boost circulation. You can easily incorporate it into your skincare regimen and see your skin improve over time. For better results, use a body scrub that is especially suited for your skin type. Brown sugar is a common ingredient used and is ideal for those with sensitive skin while coffee is excellent in fighting cellulite aside from its added antioxidant properties.  Oily skin can benefit from green tea and achieve a whiter skin tone if you use a combination of lemon and sea salt.

Natural exfoliators

According to onegreenplanet.org one should not spend too much on skin care products as “we can create natural, non-toxic, do-it-yourself alternatives using simple kitchen ingredients that can be personalised to suit our skin.” A spoon of brown sugar, coffee grounds, oatmeal, corn starch, mashed pineapple, drops of lime with one base oil such as coconut, avocado, jojoba, olive or sesame (that have anti-bacterial properties) can be a good nourisher. And this could be washed off with a stimulating scrub prepared out of a large tablespoon of ground oatmeal, brown sugar and gram flour, with one tablespoon of lemon juice and two tablespoons of yoghurt. These body cleansers are also available in mixed packets at online stores and organic offline outlets.

Simple home scrubs

Green proponent Rajiv Dixit of turnspiritual.in suggests easy home solutions as multani mitti and curd mixes available as face-packs and in soap form too. “Fresh besan flour with cream; masoor dal flour with honey are base nourishers that can be washed with warm water for a natural scrub,” he suggests.

(Via: http://www.thehindu.com/life-and-style/organic-soaps-that-can-be-homemade/article22593036.ece)

If your problem is not just an ordinary skin imperfection but something like skin tags, for instance, you may need something different to get it off your body. It won’t just go off at will but it does fall off to over time and depending on the size of the hanging skin. Most people think of surgery first because it is the common recourse for any skin growths you’d want to get rid of but if you are afraid of taking such a drastic action and the condition can’t be remedied by your favorite skin scrub, you can use a DIY solution that you can buy from most drug stores/pharmacies like https://www.removeskintagsnow.com/compound-w-freeze-off/. They don’t burn the growth like others but instead freezes it right up to its root to prevent it from growing back. It’s not as painful too as the former. If you keep it up and the tags disappear on its own and pamper your skin with scrubs, you’d be able to get that flawless skin once more that you can flaunt to others without hesitation.