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Feel free to contact me with any questions or for help and advice when it comes to removing skin tags. Understand, however, that I am not a dermatologist or medical doctor, and that any opinion I give should NOT be considered medical advice. If your question relates to a specific product please be sure to search the site to see if I have already reviewed it. If not, I can probably only guess, as all creams and products I have seen and tried, I have reviewed on this site.  Most of my skin tag removal cream reviews are in-depth, and contain absolutely everything you would need to know about the product in question. While I cannot guarantee a response to all contacts, I do try and respond to as many e-mails as possible in my spare time.

Or feel free to contact me using the following:

Mailing Address: 1957 Magnolia Avenue, Long Beach, CA, 90806, United States

Email: diana “at”

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