About Me

Hello, and welcome to Remove Skin Tags Now! My name is Diana Knowles, and I would like to take this opportunity to warmly welcome you to my website.

Building a website like this was never something I thought would be in the plans for me. I have always wanted to create one – but never had the technical mindset to actually do it, and certainly I never thought that “skin tags” would be the topic. But, as I began suffering greatly from the problem, the search for results ended up bringing me here.

I found that many of the websites out there were either very boilerplate or impersonal, so with this site I wanted to provide a more personal touch. As a reader of Remove Skin Tags Now! you are free to submit your questions and comments to me whenever you wish. I personally respond to each and every question and often publish any answers on this website.

However, the main purpose for the creation of this website is to help YOU. Because of a wide variety of recent demographic changes, the number of folks who experience skin tags appear to be increasing markedly. It is more important than ever to understand that skin tags needn’t be a life sentence, and can in fact be removed.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope this site helps you address what is often an embarrassing, but very curable problem. Feel free also to contact me here.