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Is There Really Such A Thing As Anti-Aging?

We all go through the cycle of life. From birth to old age, our bodies go through a myriad of changes that all people go through at certain points in their lives. Along with the passing of the years, your body grows old and it is a normal part of life. However, not all can accept this and would rather stay young looking. It is why they invest in expensive skin care routines and products that help them delay the onset of aging as much as possible. But the question is, are anti-aging products really effective or are beauty manufacturer just milking money from people with confidence issues. Is a daily swipe of cream or serum enough to put a halt to aging and let time pass by without any evidence showing on your face?

Well, skincare products that feature anti-aging properties really contain ingredients with known anti-aging benefits. However, you can’t really count on them to turn back the hands of time (in erasing wrinkles and fine lines) or put the time on a standstill because they may be effective but surely not that effective. You can probably get more luck with invasive dermatologic treatments such as Botox or cosmetic surgery because drastic changes are made on your face at a time but it takes years for skin care products for you to be able to see some visible effects of its application.

Ageing is inevitable and value neutral. Had it a singular will, the beauty industry would have us like King Canute, sitting atop a throne on the shore and roaring at the tide to keep back while drawing our brows on high and mad in a lower case letter ‘n’, like a very elderly Bette Davis.

The tide will do its thing, and so will time. Ageing is not objectively negative, and it cannot be reversed with anything we fling in a panic at our faces. It can be managed, however, and there is a difference between the natural ageing of the skin, and damage to the skin. The latter, we can do something about.

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Today, most anti-aging products contain secret or mysterious ingredients that sound really ancient and organic. Many are really tempted to buy stuff loaded with snails or something equally exotic and slather big helpings of it in their skin along with the hopes that the Gods would intervene and bring forth a miracle that will help them defy aging for real and clear your skin of any imperfections. In today’s market, even women in their early 20s invest in anti-aging products that initially targets women in their 40s onwards. The cliché here is that most products that promise to be the fountain of youth are often pricey, which is why you can’t blame people for asking whether they really are worth all the hype it is getting.

The aesthetic needs and desires of patients are increasing. Health and fitness are no longer the key ingredients to staying younger for longer. Patients want to feel and look good, period. The needs of these patients make the field of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine a popular topic. Scalpel and surgical solutions are replaced by needles, anti-wrinkle injections, chemical peels, fillers, threads, microdermabrasion and laser, to name a few. All of these procedures need to be done by qualified medical practitioners certified as competent in these various aesthetic and anti-aging medicine procedures and interventions. The Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine Society of South Africa (AAMSSA) is the official medical society committed to the practice, advancement and regulations of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine in South Africa, presenting all medical practitioners with an interest in this exciting and fast-developing field of medicine.

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Fortunately, we no longer just have to rely on over-the-counter products to combat aging. It seems that the world is finally putting technology to good use by advancing the science of anti-aging so those who wish and can afford to undergo procedures that are meant to erase years off of someone’s face can do so at will. If you can’t, then you’ll just have to make do with cheaper alternatives like cleansers, creams, moisturizers, and serums that can gradually make you look younger without breaking the bank. You’ll just have to be a little patient, though, because no result is instant. Just improve your lifestyle to boost its effects and somehow be able to achieve that anti-aging goal you have that’s also all over the market today.