Compound W Freeze Off – An Interesting Alternative To Creams

Most people, at one time in their life, will have at least one skin tag and possibly many more than that. Many people will have that single one and not even be aware that they do. They are nine times out of ten quite harmless and in most cases can just be ignored.

Freeze Off does work, but not in all situations.

Freeze Off does work, but not in all situations.

In some cases though they can be problematic. Sometimes they are in a prominent position and make the person with the skin tag feel self-conscious of it. Sometimes they are located in a place that means that they can get caught up in zippers or buttons and end up bleeding. Whatever the reason for it, if you have a skin tag that you want to have removed you have two options – either use a doctor to remove the skin tag or remove it yourself with a kit or skin tag removal formula that you can use at home.

Removal of Skin Tags By A Doctor Or At Home

As skin tags are only considered minor, harmless blemishes, most health insurance schemes do not cover the cost of skin tag removal. As a result of this, in most cases you will have to cover all the costs yourself.

Doctors will typically use a variety of methods to remove skin tags – they freeze them off, they can be cut off surgically with a minor surgical procedure or they can be electrically burned off.

At home you have two options, one of which is using a topical skin tag removal formula which over a period of time makes the skin tag disappear.

The second option, which is often quicker than using lotions, is freezing off the skin tag at home using Compound W Freeze Off. The Compound W Freeze Off method was originally developed for wart removal but has been found to be highly effective at removing unwanted skin tags.

How to use Compound W Freeze Off

The clue to how this works is in the name ‘Freeze Off’ – Compound W literally freezes off the skin tag. This is similar to the way that a doctor would freeze off your skin tags at their office. Application is quite straightforward, but must be done with care.

  • A disposable tip is inserted in the holder.
  • The holder with the disposable tip is attached to the top of the Compound W aerosol can, lining up the 2 lines.
  • Press the holder (with disposable tip) down on to the aerosol head for 2 to 3 seconds.
  • Withdraw the holder, avoiding touching the tip, and immediately place on the skin tag.
  • Hold in place for about 20 seconds.
  • Then remove and carefully dispose of the tip, being careful not to touch it with your hands.

There may be a stinging sensation for a short while, but this will fade as the treated skin tag warms back up. The skin tag will then change color and drop off within the next few weeks, provided you continue to use the freezing solution.

Precautions When Using Compound W Freeze Off

Compound W Freeze Off is a very safe product to use but sensible precautions should be used when applying. Compound W Freeze Off works by locally freezing the skin tag.

  • The gas used to freeze the applicator tip is very flammable and should not be used near any heat sources, especially naked flames and cigarettes.
  • Compound W Freeze Off should not be used on the face or other sensitive areas.
  • Compound W Freeze Off is not suitable for use on children under 4 years of age.
  • Compound W Freeze Off is not suitable for use by diabetics or people with poor circulation

If the basic safety advice is followed, then the skin tags will be removed without any adverse effects.

The Compound W Freeze Off Kit

The Compound W Freeze Off kit contains;

  • An aerosol containing dimethyl ether and propane (the freezing agent)
  • A reusable tip holder
  • 8 x disposable applicator tips
  • A comprehensive instruction, information and safety leaflet

Home Removal of Skin Tags – Compound W Freeze Off v Skin Tag Removal Formulas

rofstsbydAs you may well be aware, there are several very effective skin tag removal formulas available for removing skin tags at home. So which is the best to use, Compound W Freeze Off or a skin tag removal formula?

The simple, if not very helpful, answer is: it depends. Compound W Freeze Off is often very quick and effective. There is a small amount of minor pain involved initially but this quickly disappears. As long as you do not have one of the conditions mentioned in the safety leaflet and should not use the product or the skin tag is not in a location that Compound W Freeze Off states it is unsuitable for, freezing off the skin tag is a very quick way to resolve your skin tag problem.

For all other situations, a recommended skin tag removal formula would probably be better, even though it may take a little longer to work.

Other Uses For Compound W Freeze Off

To be frank, skin tag removal is the key other use for Compound W Freeze Off. It was developed and marketed initially as a removal solution for common warts and plantar warts, but tests found that it is equally effective at removing unwanted skin tags.


There are many topical skin tag removal formulas available, and we do our best to review all of them. The only downside in using them is that they can often take several weeks to be effective. Compound W Freeze Off is a very easy to apply and effective method of removing skin tags quickly. One application is all that is needed. For suitable skin tags it is probably the quickest option to use.

The only drawback regarding the use of Compound W Freeze Off is that it is not suitable for skin tags in sensitive areas, such as the face. It does need careful application as areas around the skin tag could be damaged if touched with the very cold applicator tip.

If you have several skin tags, with some in more sensitive skin areas, an option could be to use Compound W Freeze Off for the ones that can be treated and then a topical removal formula for the remaining ones.

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