Smoothing Away with Good Skin Tag Creams

skintcreamsBeing plagued with skin tags is not the most pleasant issue to have. Sure, they don’t necessarily hurt and they don’t damage your health over-all but they still aren’t beloved or useful. Skin tags like to hide out on bodies where the skin folds so you’ll see them taking up residence on people’s necks, in their arm pits, hiding in the groin area or even in the folds of the eyelids. There are people who are more prone to skin tags such as obese, middle-aged men and women. Babies are often born with skin tags on various parts of their bodies that don’t necessarily conform to the ‘usual’ locations.

A person can have anywhere from one skin tag to over 100 skin tags on their body at any given time. Depending on the method of removal a skin tag can return. All skin tags are really only a clump of skin cells that have grown into a protrusion from a part of the body. They are not cancerous and they are generally small in diameter, not growing to more than 3mm at a time.

Just as there are different flavours of ice cream there are different ways to get rid of these annoying pieces of skin that you are probably sick and tired of getting caught in your jewelry or zipper. Each person will have their more preferred method and some are more permanent than others.

Depending on your pain threshold and your own person comfort levels you can probably do all of these treatment options in the comfort of your own home without having to consult a physician or booking an appointment.

Easy to do home methods include threading and cutting the offending tag off. Threading involves exactly what it sounds like: wrapping a piece of thread or floss around the base to kill the cells and have the tag fall off. Cutting involves using a pair of scissors or a scalpel and removing the tag.

These aren’t really for the faint of heart. A much safer, and often more preferred, method for removing skin tags is using an over-the-counter cream to apply to the skin tag and remove it.

Skin tag removal creams are generally made up of holistic ingredients the boast a gentle touch on surrounding skin. Some other methods can lead to damage for the area surrounding the base of the skin tag and you don’t want that. A skin tag is bad enough on its own.

With a skin tag removal cream you won’t get instant results like you would with cutting a skin tag off. It can take a few weeks for the skin tag to die and fall off on its own. That idea perturbs a lot of people but it’s not as bad as it sounds. All methods, aside from cutting, will lead to the skin tag falling off.

Many people prefer creams because, as previously stated, they are softer on the skin than the harsh chemicals you may encounter with a freezing product. As well, by using natural ingredients and being over-the-counter means you don’t have to get a prescription and many people feel safer using something with ingredients they can pronounce.

Some great skin tag removal creams and product reviews are here.

Another benefit to creams is probably the fact that they are easier to use on more prominent skin tags. By that we mean you can use the creams for tags on the face or the neck or other easily seen areas and not worry about it drawing any extra attention. Using the creams doesn’t generally lead to discolouration of the skin tag which can help keep the removal process on the down-low.

Creams are easier; tend to be a bit cheaper and a lot safer option in removing skin tags from any part of the body. If you are faint-hearted and can’t picture yourself cutting pieces of your skin off, this is probably the best option for you.