Removing Pesky Skin Tags: Good Creams

peskystsIf you’re like most people, you will discover you have a skin tag somewhere on your body at some point in your life. Skin tags are a normal thing: my friend’s new born baby had a skin tag in between his eyes, my grandmother used to have one on her neck.

Skin tags won’t hurt you and they are removable. There are a few ways to remove these pesky little things, affectionately called “teeny floppy bits” by my children.

While they may be strange to look at science is developing more and more ways to remove these unwanted pieces of epidermis.

Some of your options, if you find yourself dealing with these things are:

  • Compound W® now has a skin tag removal system much like what they have for removing warts that involves freezing the skin tag.
  • Revitol® has a cream that attacks the root of the skin tag and removes it from within.
  • Directly cutting the skin tag off is a method not many people opt for due to the cost and concerns involved.
  • You can also ‘thread’ the skin tag: tie a thread around the base of the skin tag and it will eventually kill the cells and nerves and the tag will fall off.

Which option is best for you? That depends on how comfortable you are using a scalpel or how much money you can afford for this.

Some of the pros with the above methods are as follows:

  • Compound W® uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and kill the skin tag. This can be done from the comfort of your own home. Depending on where the skin tag is located, you may need help with this. You might feel a mild burning sensation but after you treat the affected area it will be around 2 weeks before the skin tag falls off on its own.
  • Revitol® uses homeopathic and natural ingredients in their solution. This skin tag removal cream is designed to work within days and does not compromise your body by exposing it to chemicals.
  • Cutting the skin tag can be quick, efficient and allow you to remove the offending floppy bi t right away. You may need to request surgery to have this done in a safe environment or book a special appointment with your doctor to have this done.
  • ‘Threading’ the skin tag is also a safe method that involves wrapping a thread or piece of dental floss around the base of the tag which doesn’t involve sharp objects or any liquids. The tag should fall off within weeks.

peskystgsSo the real question becomes what you, as a person, are comfortable with. Are you able to afford a special doctor appointment to get this skin tag removed? Depending on where you live in the world it may cost too much money for you to have that done. Are you comfortable applying a freezing solution to your skin to remove the skin tag and hope it doesn’t turn a strange colour while you’re waiting for it to fall off? Depending on what your job is and where the skin tag is located, this may not be a viable option for you. Are you comfortable with having a piece of minty-fresh floss tied tightly around the base of the skin tag and hope it doesn’t fall off unexpectedly into your lunch? Again, this option may depend on where your tag is located.

If you’re like me and you prefer to not draw attention to something like this, the skin tag removal cream may be the better option. It’s not attention grabbing, it shouldn’t have you suffer any discomfort and it appears to be a safe discrete way to discard this extra piece of skin.

So the power is now in your hands: go out there and remove that teeny floppy bit with all the confidence this knowledge can give you.