Amolis Skin Tag Remover Review: Gentle And Easy

Skin tags, also known as acrochordons among many other names, are a completely benign (meaning non-cancerous) growth of skin cells that is neither harmful nor painful. They can be anywhere in size from less than 1cm to half an inch and usually do not change in size once they have appeared. They most commonly develop in places where the skin tends to fold such as the armpits, groin or neck and are found on nearly everyone. They are thought to develop when skin consistently rubs against skin although there is also reason to believe that there are genetic factors involved. Additionally, they are more commonly found on women than men. There is no medical reason for removing skin tags and it is only done for aesthetic reasons so they can be left untreated if desired. However, because skin tags are often considered unsightly, many people choose to remove them from their body. There are many at-home methods that can be attempted in hopes of removal amolish_skinincluding tying off and cutting. As well, skin tags can be frozen with nitrogen, either at the doctor’s office or with an at-home kit, and they will fall off within a matter of days. If neither of these options are appealing, a cream or oil can be repeatedly applied to the skin tag, drying it out and allowing for it to fall off naturally. The highest-rated of these creams is Amoils Skin Tag Remover H-Skin Tags Formula.

Available since 2001, Amoils is an FDA-approved cream that uses all-natural ingredients to dry out and dissolve the skin tag until it falls off on its own. It’s produced in the United States and used world-wide by all skin types and colors, ensuring that it is safe for any skin tone and will not leave marking or scarring. It is guaranteed to be effective on sensitive skin and contains no harsh chemicals. As a homeopathic product, it is completely safe, gentle and is not tested on animals so it is suitable for all areas of the body, even sensitive parts including the pubic region and eyelids.

The effective ingredients in this product are two natural oils, Calendula which is derived from marigold and Thuja which is derived from a type of evergreen tree. These oils work with a blend of essential oils such as citrus, narrow-leaved tea tree, and lemon balm to shrink your skin tag until it falls off on its own. The oils dry the tag and allow it to flake off throughout the day as long as proper application of the oil is followed. This is a much safer at-home option than cutting or snipping because the tools often used for those simple procedures are dirty and can lead to infection. There is no risk of irritation or infection with Amolis oil and it’s gentle formula leaves no marks or scars as the skin tag is removed over a period of two to three weeks with daily application.

Amolis Skin Tag Remover is the top rated skin tag removal cream that is available online and is guaranteed to work with proper use. The cost for an 11ml bottle is $30.00 and will allow for 100 applications or $70.00 for a 33ml bottle and 300 applications. It is recommended to apply the oil 3 times a day which allows about a month of applications per 11ml bottle. In the unlikely event that Amolis is not effective on your skin tags, the company offers a 90 day money back guarantee so that if no results are seen within three months you are entitled to a refund.