5 Ways To Remove Skin Tags

I once had a friend with a skin tag on his ear. He was a really nice guy, but man for whatever reason I could never stop staring at it. Maybe my memory is failing, but I think I remember him having his skin tag for several years. You don’t need to be like him though. Although skin tags are harmless to your health, you probably consider them harmful to your appearance. It’s easy to let something as insignificant as a skin tag affect your confidence. You may not have done anything wrong to earn yourself the punishment of a skin tag hurting your looks. That’s life, good things happen to bad people. Fortunately you don’t have to be like my friend with the perennial skin tag staring your friends down. There are a number of ways you can quickly and safely rid yourself of any skin tags you may have developed.

Tea Tree Oil

ttreeoilOne ingredient you can use to remove skin tags is tea tree oil. After soaking a cotton ball in water add a few drops of tea tree oil onto the cotton ball. Once you’ve completed those steps gently rub the cotton ball over your skin tag in a circular motion. Repeat these steps at least twice per day and you’re likely to remove your skin tag within a week.

Duct Tape

Many people claim that sticking a piece of duct tape on their skin tag had aided their recovery. Simply attach a piece of duct tape on your skin tag each day and eventually one day you’ll find the skin tag has been removed when you take off the duct tape!

Banana Peel

If all this monkeying around trying to figure out how to eliminate your skin tags is annoying you and driving you bananas it’s OK. There’s a solution. You can use those bananas to drive your skin tags away! You also get a tasty snack in the process. First eat a banana and after doing so apply the inner part of the peel to your skin tag. Once you’ve done that secure the peel with some gauze overnight while you sleep (unless you want to walk around with a banana peel on your face and make people really think you’ve gone crazy…).

Naturasil Skin Tag Remover

h-skintrAlthough you may not have guessed, this product can help you remove your skin tags 😉 Naturasil’s all natural cream product works without the use of any harsh chemicals and instead uses antiviral plant extracts that cause your skin tags to dry up and flake away. If helping you feel better about your appearance wasn’t awesome enough Naturasil also developed this product without testing it on animals. Go Naturasil!

H-Skin Tags Formula

Perhaps the best option you have on your quest to flawless skin is the FDA listed H-Skin Tags Formula cream. This product has been scientifically designed for maximal safety and to help you get rid of skin tags without any pain or scarring. You can apply the cream to skin tags on any part of your body and rest assured knowing that the all natural ingredients will quickly work to alleviate your condition.

Skin tags aren’t something that need to contribute stress to your life. They pose no threat to your physical health and the small negative effect they have on your appearance can be quickly alleviated in a matter of days using the methods listed above.